Skin BOOSTERS  is a complete, targeted professional skincare range which includes in salon professional treatments and home care products. Skin BOOSTERS was developed seven years ago to meet the increasing needs of today’s modern men and women in preserving the health and youthful appearance of their skin.

With Skin BOOSTERS, the dynamic, complex and technologically advanced formulaes, “Boost” the skin by pushing it to surpass the skins own established capabilities. This allows the range to offer professional treatments that present non-invasive, painless and effective alternatives to botox and plastic surgery, without needles And scalpels.

Dermatologically tested (not on animals) Skin BOOSTERS are paraben free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free and allergen and work.

Skin BOOSTERS promises to help you age whilst keeping wrinkles at bay without the need for needles.

New to Ireland, the range currently offers 3 in-salon professional treatment options and 7 homecare products to ensure you get the best results.

  • Welcome to Skin BOOSTERS by Juliette Armand, a fabulous range of clinic professional treatments and homecare products that present non-invasive, painless and effective alternatives to botox and plastic surgery, without needles and . The results Skin Boosters gives in reducing and eliminating lines and wrinkles and lifting and restoring skin, allows people to postpone their appointments with plastic surgery and is a truly viable alternative to Botox.

Extremely precise therapy system, assuring highly effcient, predetermined results after as little as 1 treatment

Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy -€90

                                         You don’t have to resort to Botox!

This treatment erases expression lines without the use of surgical intervention! With its cutting edge technology EFFECTOX™, a cocktail of peptides and new generation active ingredients that inhibits the mechanism that is responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles, meaning when you laugh, frown, smile and squint -­ the lines don’t crease up as much! They also contain Leuphasyl which relaxes the muscle along with avocado oil, Vitamin A and E. These are professional treatments with associated home care products.

Botox paralyses the muscle and the long term effects are unknown. Juliette Armand use high-end Effectox™ technology with quality ingredients to reduce muscle contractions and hydrate your skin, leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin without the use of a needle!

A course of 10 treatments over four weeks is recommended for best results (discounts on courses)

Chronos ‘Time’ Therapy – €110

                            You don’t have to resort to injectable filling of wrinkles!

This treatment repairs the marks that time leaves on the skin! Chronos uses cutting edge technology to combat signs of ageing.

The Chronos Therapy provides deep skin hydration while preventing and repairing the damages of time, without using any injection!

This treatment can give unbelievable results while increasing your collagen production by up to 382% over a four week period! Your skin is positively glowing after this treatment.

A course of 10 treatments over five weeks is recommended for best results (discounts on courses)

Opsis ‘Look’ Therapy -€80

                                You don’t have to resort to blepharoplasty!

This treatment is a specific eye contour therapy that deters the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles while combating puffiness and dehydration! Blespharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons to open the upper eye lids. We aim to deliver visible results using high-end ingredients. Your eyes will gain depth and charm, reflecting your mood for life.

A course of ten treatments over 5 weeks is recommended for best results. (discounts on courses)